Meet Lion Cub NFT

  • Lion Cub NFT is a limited collection of all 1/1 editions.
  • Published on Ethereum Layer 2 Solution – Polygon Network.
  • Stake your Lion Cub NFT and earn a $LCU utility coin

Collection Stats

Unique Collection
Ongoing Auctions
Floor Price

Community Drivern Project

0% Gas fees

Opensea Marketplace Listing

The immersive world of NFTs with all its collectors & projects

Slow, steady, and natural community growth within the Lion Cub NFT

In-House Auction


Collection #001

Collection #002

Collection #003

Collection #004


  • Create Collection

  • Pubilc Sale

  • NFT Staking

  • Community Giveaway

  • Utility Token Airdrop

  • Merchandise Release

  • Collaboration

  • More Perks - Coming Soon

There as been more perks coming out there, we are not supposed to spoil the suspense..

How it Works?

Sit back and Earn
90% APY of $PRCU


Frequently Asked Question

These tokens are unique and cannot be replaced for something else. They are one of a kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs only purpose is to exist as artwork, others offer additional utility like exclusive access to gated sections of websites & discord servers, or participation in an event. We like to think of NFTs as a collectable piece of art that doubles as a “ members only” access key.

Metamask is a web3 cryptocurrency wallet where you can store Ethereum. It is required to purchase and mint your NFT. Having a wallet gives you a unique Ethereum/Polygon address (i.E. 0x1234……abcd), this is where your NFT will be sent upon successful purchase. Metamask also doubles as a gate function. Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use here: https://metamask.Io

We will be holding a Fair launch with Public sale for for indefinite days until we reach 5000 Total Sales, we did not conduct presale prior to launch. The Public Sale is already started. The Minting Price Starts at 30 MATIC + gas.

Once you have minted a Lion Cub NFT, you will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea.

You can hold Lion Cub NFT for future benefits or you can stake your NFT on our staking application, in return you will receive a utility Coin which can be used in future.

We called this utility token. And it is our official utility coin which will be used in the future Play-To-Earn.

Yes, 3.5% of the secondary sales will be deducted in royalties for the Lion Cub team. An additional 4% will also be used specifically to grow the marketing campaigns allowing us to raise the floor for our holders!

Yes! We’d love you to see your Lion Cub NFT once the transaction is completed.

We are about to launch our Discord Server & Telegram Group.

Primary sales of Lion Cub NFTs will be on this website.

Lion Cub NFTs will appear on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea for resale purchase.

If the project 100% sells out, we’ll ask Lion Cub members to vote on whether to build a Strategy Game complex in the metaverse.

Latest Updates

Coming soon!